A snapshot is a capture of the state of a Krucible cluster along with its running applications at a point-in-time, including the memory and disk state of all the components of the cluster. Snapshots can be restored multiple times and are great for creating reproducible environments that spin up quickly.

#Taking a snapshot

In order to take a snapshot of a cluster, the following conditions must be met:

  • The cluster must be running
  • The cluster must be permanent
  • If on a Starter plan, you must not have any other available snapshots

Given a the above criteria, a snapshot can be taken by expanding the given cluster's row on the clusters page, as shown below.

Running permanent cluster

Fig 1.  Running permanent cluster

From here a snapshot can be created by clicking on the Snapshot button and clicking OK in the confirm modal. Note that taking a snapshot of a cluster will result in it being deprovisioned.

Once you have requested a snapshot of a cluster you can monitor its progress from the Snapshots page. A snapshot can take up to ten minutes to become available for restoration.

#Restoring a snapshot

In order to restore a snapshot, the snapshot must be in the Ready state. This can be confirmed from the Snapshots page.

Ready snapshot

Fig 2.  Ready snapshot

Snapshots can be restored by creating a new cluster from the Clusters page as usual and selecting a given snapshot to restore from, as shown in Figure 3.

Create cluster from snapshot

Fig 3.  Create cluster from snapshot

#Deleting a snapshot

A snapshot can be deleted from the Snapshots page. Just press the red cross next to the snapshot that you wish to delete and then click OK in the confirmation dialog.

Delete snapshot confirmation

Fig 4.  Delete snapshot confirmation