Plans and Billing


Krucible has a number of different plans to choose from, including a free Starter plan. Each plan comes with a different set of limits for the number of clusters and snapshots that you can create, along with options for priority support and service level agreements. For more details, see our Plans page or contact us, either via our live chat or [email protected].

#Changing plans

You can change your plan from your Account page. Select your desired plan and click the Change button to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Change plan on account page

Fig 1.  Change plan on account page


Usage of Krucible is measured in credits. Each credit corresponds to one hour of time on a cluster, with the exception of Permanent clusters which cost two credits per hour. Credits reset each month on the day that you signed up for Krucible. You can see your credit balance at the top of the Clusters page.


Payment is handled via Stripe, our payments processor and payment is requested when you change to a paid plan. If this is unsuitable for your needs, please reach out to us at [email protected] to arrange an alternate payment method.


Business invoices can be requested by email at [email protected].