Kubernetes clusters for testing and development

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Krucible clusters spin up in just a few seconds. Faster than any other Kubernetes provider.


Krucible clusters are quick and easy to create and come with sensible defaults.

krucible create cluster Creating cluster... Cluster ready. kubectl get pods No resources found in default namespace.

Batteries included

The Krucible CLI comes with the tools you need to manage and monitor your cluster, including kubectl, helm and kubebox.

krucible helm install stable/mysql MySQL deployed. krucible kubectl get pods NAME    READY   STATUS mysql   1/1     Running

Cattle. Not pets.

Krucible clusters are temporary by default, so your environments are always fresh and you only pay for what you use. Clean up is completely automatic.

krucible create cluster --duration 1 Creating cluster... Cluster ready. Cluster will expire in 1 hour.

CI/CD Support

Support for your favourite continuous integration and delivery platforms