Kubernetes clusters optimised for testing and development


Clean up is automatic so your environments are always fresh and costs are low

Snapshot capable Beta

Point-in-time snapshots for consistent development and testing environments


Spin up clusters in seconds, not minutes, for quick tests and seamless development

Development made easy

Krucible quickly creates fully-fledged Kubernetes clusters in the cloud so that you don't have to run them on your machine and don't have to maintain development clusters. No more resource-hogging virtual machines and no more cloud provider limits. By default, clusters are automatically cleaned up so that your development environment is always consistent and reproducible and you only pay for what you use.

Testing done right

Run your entire test suite in parallel by running each test in its own Kubernetes cluster. Build confidence knowing that each test has its own uncontaminated environment.

Ready-made clients

Integrate easily with idiomatic clients for all of your favourite languages